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1. Dermatomyositis (DM) is similar to PM but skin involvement can be severe.

2. Consist of a moderate-to-deep, purple-red, papular, sometimes scaly, photosensitive rash that occurs on the face, neck ("V sign" or "shawl sign"), and extensor surfaces of the joints.

3. There is an associated periorbital oedema with a heliotrope rash, which is violaceous and classically appears on the upper eyelids.

4. Gottron papules are flat-surfaced, reddish-to-violet, scaling papules on the knuckles (these actually look more like "cigarette-paper" crinkling over the MCPs).

5. Abnormally raised CK (thousands), abnormal EMG, muscle bx (gold standrad), bx of Grotton papules.

6. A/W ovarian, lung, pancreatic, colon CA and lymphoma. Strong association when anti-p155/p140 Ab positive.


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