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1. Headaches, papilledema, and loss of vision-caused by raised ICP, occurs in obese, premenopausal women (90%) and can occur
during pregnancy.

2. Obesity is strongly correlated (90-95% of patients) and causal.

3. Drugs that are associated with IIH include vitamin A (used for the treatment of severe acne), tetracycline, and corticosteroids.

4. Severe, irreversible vision loss is the major morbidity, occurs in > 6% of patients.

5. Cardinal symptoms - dull morning headache or as a feeling of pressure (in 90% of patients) made worse by coughing or straining, peripheral visual field loss accompanied by blind spots, pulse-synchronous tinnitus (in 60% of patients).

6. Papilledema is a hallmark finding.

7. Neuroimaging is normal - except for slit-like ventricles.The CSF pressure is elevated, usually in the range of 25-45 cm H 2 O.


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