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1. IgA nephropathy is called "mesangial proliferative GN" or Berger disease.

2. Wide range of presentations, gross/microscopic haematuria, nephrotic syndrome.

3. There is no latent period between infection and appearance of GN, as with PIGN. This is an important distinguishing feature!

4. Immune complex deposition of IgA and C3 in the mesangial matrix and skin. Although C3 is deposited, there are usually normal serum complement levels.

5. Biopsy shows deposits of IgA and complement in the mesangium and in the glomerular capillaries on immunofluorescence staining.

6. Good prognosis for lgA nephropathy is tied to normal serum cre­atinine, blood pressure, and amount of proteinuria.

7. Use ACEis or ARBs for proteinuria (> 0.5 g/d) and progressive disease; use corticosteroid therapy when there is persistent proteinuria (> 1 g/d) despite 6 months on an ACEI/ARB.


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