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Anatomy-Upper Limb


TIP: mnemonic (Screw The Lawyer, Save A Patient!)

1. First part:
- S uperior thoracic a. Supplies both pectoral muscles.

2. Second part:
- T horacoacromial a. (has 4 terminal branches)
- L ateral thoracic a. (supplies both pectoral muscles & breast in women).

3. Third part:
- S ubscapular a. (gives the circumflex scapular a. and changes its name to the thoracodorsal a.)
- A nterior circumflex humeral a. (anastamoses with the posterior circumflex humeral a. at the surgical neck of the humerus)
- P osterior circumflex humeral a. (accompanies the axillary n. through the quadrangular space to supply the deltoid).


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