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TIP: mnemonic - LET VPL
1. LONGUS COLI - over the thoracic vertebra.
2. Eosophagus - lies against the body of T1.
3. Trachea - lies on the oesophagus.

4. Vagus + left lung apex does not come into contact with the trachea (due to the great arteries). The right lung apex + vagus do.
5. Phrenic nerves pass anterior to lung roots.
6. Left recurrent laryngeal n. crosses anterior to arch of aorta.

7. Left arch of the aorta - begins from the manubrium in front to T4 behind, arching over the left bronchus + PA.
8. Left SCA arising from the aorta passes behind the left CCA => arches over left lung apex behind the left SCJ.
9. Right brachiocephalic trunk + right CCA + left CCA form an asymmetric V around the trachea.

10. SVC behind the right sternal edge is formed by the confluence of left + right BCV.
11. BCVs are asymmetric, formed by  IJV + SCV, behind the SCJ - the right runs vertically down, whereas the left runs across the midline to join the right BCV.
12. Thoracic duct + left superior intercostal vein drains into the left BCV.

13. Thymus + pretrachial fascia lies in front of the left BCV.
14. STERNOHYOID + STERNOTHYROID muscles from the sternum.


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Ⓒ A. Manickam 2018

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