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1. OBLIQUE FISSURES - extends obliquely from the hilum to the surface of the lungs, dividing them into upper + lower lobes.

2. HORIZONTAL FISSURE - in the right lung a horizontal fissure passes from the oblique fissure to the surface, carving a wedge-shaped middle lobe from the upper lobe. This is absent in 10% of the population.

3. (RIGHT) MIDDLE LOBE - wedge-shaped lobe carved out of the right upper lobe by the horizontal fissure.

3. (LEFT) LINGULA - the lower, medial part of the left upper lobe, corresponding to the middle lobe on the right, but has not separated from the upper lobe.

3. The visceral pleura lines the depths of the fissures.


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3. Image: no reference available.

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