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1. Lies b/w the SVC + IVC and forms the right border of the heart.
2. Upper end of the atrium is prolonged to the left of SVC as right auricle, overlying the commencement of the aorta.
3. In the angle b/w the SVC + right auricle lies the sulcus terminalis, which projects into the right atrial cavity as a vertical ridge of muscle - the crista terminalis.
4. The atrium is smooth to the right of the crista & projected into pectinate muscles to the left.
5. The opening of the IVC is guarded by a ridge which is continued to the opening of the coronary sinus.
6. The inter-atrial septum lies above the coronary sinus, possesses the fossa ovalis (primary septum of the fetal heart).


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3. Image: no reference available.

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