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1. The right crus arises from sides of L1-3 vertebral bodies, the left crus arises from the sides of L1-2 bodies.

2. Fibers from the right crus surround the oesophageal orifice on the left - phreno-oesophageal ligament.

3. Median arcuate ligament - attached to sides of L1 body, fibers unite in front of the aorta at T12.

4. Medial arcuate ligament - thickening in the psoas fascia, extends from L1 vertebral body to anterior surface of L1 TP.

5. Lateral arcuate ligament - thickening of the lumbar fascia, extends from anterior surface of L1 TP to 12th rib.

6. Lateral to the ligaments digitations come off the 12th rib, then adjacent costal cartilages + ribs up to the 7th, finally completed by muscle fibers passing backwards from the xiphisternum.

7. All digitations unite at the central tendon , fused with the pericardium. This is trifoil (one ant + 2 post parts).


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