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SPINAL PIA MATER (ends at the back of the coccyx)


SPINAL PIA MATER (ends at the back of the coccyx)

1. Clothes the CNS of the cord, enters the posterior median sulcus.

2. Projected below the conus as the filum terminale which descends to the back of the coccyx.

3. The filum pierces the dura, runs down to blend with the periosteum at the back of the coccyx.

4. Denticulate ligament = lateral projections of the pia to either side of the cord. Forms a flange which attaches the side of the cord to the dura. Extends from the foramen magnum to the conus but the lateral edge is connected to the dura by a series of teeth (hence the name). The root of L1 lies at the lowest denticulation.


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