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1. Triangular smooth area at the base of the bladder lying b/w the urethral orifice located centrally & below and two ureteral orifices above & laterally.
2. The ureteric orifices are connected by a transverse interureteric bar.
3. The ureters pierce the muscle & musosal walls obliquely forming a valve-like flap of mucosa which prevents reflux of urine as the intravesical pressure rises. The orifices open to ureteric peristalsis.
4. In males it is fixed at the top of the prostate by the urethra and is the least mobile part of bladder. In females it is stabilized by pelvic fascia.
5. In males the trigone overlies the median lobe of the prostate, which may project above the urethral orifice as the rounded uvula vesicae.


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3. Image: no reference available.

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