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1. Apex - has the remains of the urachus attached to it.

2. Base - posterior surface.
- In males it has no covering, on each side of the midline the ductus deferens & seminal vescles are applied to this surface.
- In females the base is attached to the anterior vaginal & upper cervix wall.
- In both sexes the ureters enter the bladder at the upper outer corners.

3. Inferolateral surface lies against the pelvic diaphragm & obturator internus.
- Retropubic space of Retzius: behind the pubic bones & symphysis.
- In males: contains fat, pubo prostatic & pubovesical ligaments.
- In females: contains fat, pubovesical ligaments.

4. Neck - lowest part, where the base & inferolateral surfaces meet, pierced by the urethra at the internal urethral orifice.
- In males it lies against the base of the prostate.
- In females it is related to pelvic fascia.

5. Superior - covered by loose peritoneum which allows for a rising bladder. It continues back to the rectovesical pouch in males and vesicouterine pouch in females.


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