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1. Branch of the ECA.
2. Runs upwards, deep to the digastric.
3. It then runs deep to the submandibular gland, dents the surface of the gland.
4. The artery then makes an S-bend curling down over the submandibular gland and up over the mandible, whose periosteum it supplies.
5. Its pulsation can be felt 2.5cm anterior to the angle of the mandible, alsong its inferior border.

6. Tonsillar branch - as the facial a. lies on the superior constrictor it gives off the tonsillar branch to the tonsils and soft palate.
7. Submental branch - given off at the anterior border of the massater, which accompanies the nerve to the myelohyoid into the submandibular fossa.


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3. Image: no reference available.

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