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1. Phrenic nerve - passes vertically down over the obliquity of the muscle, plastered to it by prevertebral fascia. The nerve leaves the muscle on its medial border, cross anterior to the subclavian artery + its internal thoracic branch behind the subclavian vein.

2. Ascending cervical artery - branch of the inferior thyroid artery or thyrocervical trunk, runs on the SA, medial to the phrenic nerve.

3. Transverse cervical + suprascapular arteries - lie b/w the SA + carotid sheath.

4. Vagus nerve - in the carotid sheath passes anterior to the SA + subclavian artery, giving off the recurrent laryngeal nerve (on the right side).

5. Internal jugular vein - passes laterally in the carotid sheath, surrounded by the deep cervical lymph nodes.

6. Subclavian vein - lies on a groove on the first rib, at a lower level than the insertion of the SA. It runs below the clavicle + subclavius to enter the IJV at the medial border of the SA.

7. Thoracic duct (left) + lymphatic duct (right) arch medially over the lung apex, then anterior to the SA to enter the confluence of the IJV + SCV.


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