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1. DIGASTRIC - arises as a posterior belly from the digastric notch on the medial mastoid process. Its belly tapers down to an intermediate tendon which is held down by a fibrous sling attached to the hyoid. Its anterior belly lies on the undersurface of the myelohyoid and connects intermediate tendon to the digastric fossa on the inner surface of the mandible. Posterior belly supplied by CN VII + anterior belly supplied by CN V (via nerve to myelohyoid). Acts to retract the chin + opens the mouth.

2. STYLOHYOID - arises from the styloid process and inserted into the greater horn of the hyoid. Supplied by CN VII. Acts to retract + elevate the hyoid when swallowing.

3. MYELOHYOID - each side arises from the myelohyoid line on the inside of the mandible and unites to form a diaphragm on the floor of the mouth. The posterior 1/4 of each muscle is inserted into the anterior surface of the body of the hyoid bone. The anterior 3/4 interdgitate in a midline raphe which extends from the chin to the hyoid. Supplied by CN V (via nerve to the myelohyoid). Forms the floor of the mouth + elevates the tongue & hyoid during swallowing.

4. GENIOHYOID - extends from the genial tubercle of the mandible to the upper body of the hyoid. Supplied by CN IX, but consits of fibers of C1 and not CN IX nucleus. To protract + elevate the hyoid or to depress teh mandible.


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