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1. Superior cervical ganglion - lies anterior to C1 + C2 lateral masses.

2. Middle cervical ganglion - lies anterior to carotid tubercle (C6), anterior to vertebral artery.

3. Inferior cervical ganglion - lies behind the commencement of the vertebral artery. Commonly fused with the first thoracic ganglion to form the stellate/cervicothoracic ganglion. This can measure up to 0.5cm*1cm and lies anterior to the neck of the first rib.

4. Ganglia supply grey rami to all 8 cervical nerves. Superior supplies C1-4, middle supplies C5-6, inferior supplies C7-8.

5. Ganglia also supply visceral branches to the cardiac plexus.

6. Ganglia supply vascular branches which hitch-hike along arteries, the superior ganglion supplies the ICA + ECA. This constitutes the internal carotid nerve. The fibers are distributed to the pterygopalatine ganglion + eye (motor supply to the dilator pupilae).

7. Injury to the superior cervical sympathetic ganglion can lead to Horner's syndrome (triad of ptosis, meiosis, anhydrosis).


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