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Anatomy-Lower Limb


1. MEDIAL MENISCUS - longer of the menisci. The anterior horn is attached to the tibial intercondylar area, in front of the ACL. The posterior horn is attached to the tibial intercondylar area, in front of the PCL. It is also attached to the MCL.

2. LATERAL MENISCUS - shorter, the anterior and posterior horns are attached immediately in front of + behind the intercondylar spine. The lateral meniscus is attached to the medial femoral condyle via anterior + posterior meniscofemoral ligaments. Its posterior convexity is also attached to the popliteus tendon.

3. Blood supply - from the peripheral capsule, receive nutrition mostly from the synovial fluid.

4. The medial mensicus is torn 20x more often than the lateral meniscus due to its relative immobility.


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