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1. The central part of the roof is the cribriform plate of the ethmoid.

2. The maxillary sinus opens on the medial wall of the maxilla by a large gap which is made smaller by the encroachment of 4 bones:
- Inferior concha below.
- Ethmoid above.
- Lacrimal in front.
- Palatine behind.

3. Sphenopalatine foramen opens into the lateral wall of the nasal cavity just behind the middle concha.

4. The uncinate process curves back beneath the ethmoid bulla to articulate with the base of the inferior concha. B/w the bulla + inferior concha is the semilunar hiatus.

5. The inferior concha is a separate bone - articulates with maxilla anteriorly, palatine bone posteriorly, uncinate process in the middle.

6. Between the maxillary + palatine bones lies the greater palatine canal.


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