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1. Two types - sweat (eccrine/apocrine) & sebaceous glands.

2. Sweat glands are distributed all over skin except on the margins of the lips, glans penis and tympanic membranes. Greatest concentration - palms, soles, face.

3. There are two types - eccrine and apocrine. The majority are ecrine glands whose purpose is to deliver water to the body surface and so assist in temperature regulation.

4. The apocrine glands are larger and confined to the axillae, areolae of the breasts and urogenital regions (breasts are modified apocrine glands).

5. Sebaceous glands are confined to hairy skin where they open by short ducts into the side of a hair follicle. At eyelids, lips, papillae of breasts and labia minora they open directly onto the skin.


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3. Image: no reference available.

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