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1. Nerves innervating extrafusal fibers arise from alpha anterior horn cells. Nerves innervating intrafusal fibers arise from gamma anterior horn cells.

2. In the limbs whenever a nerve pierces a muscle, it supplies that muscle.

3. All muscles in a limb are supplied by a plexus; flexors are supplied by the anterior division, extensors are supplied by the posterior division.

4. CN III, IV, VI, VII, XI (spinal part) and XII contain no sensory fibers. Sensation is instead conveyed by CN V.

5. Sensory pathways are essential for proprioception.

6. Once the nerve supply to a part is established in the embryo it never alters thereafter.

7. Somatic Motor nerves are not purely motor since they possess afferent proprioception fibers.

8. Mixed nerves = motor + proprioception.

9. Cutaneous nerves = touch + pain + temperature. No proprioception.


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