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1. Head - broadest part, moulded to C-shape of duodenum.
- Lies over IVC, b/l renal veins.
- Posterior surface indented by terminal part of bile duct.

2. Uncinate process - continuation of posterior part of head.
- Lies behind SMV.

3. Neck - narrow band of pancreatic tissue, continuous to right with head and left with body.
- Lies anterior to SMV & portal v.
- At its lower margin, the SMV is clasped b/w the neck in front and uncinate process behind.
- Lies in the stomach bed of the lesser sac.

4. Body - lies in stomach bed, passes to the left of neck, over left renal v., aorta, left crus of diaphragm, lower pole of left adrena, hilum of left kidney.
- Upper border crosses aorta at origin of coeliac trunk.
- Lower border crosses aorta at origin of SMA.
- Splenic v. lies in groove on posterior surface of body.
- IMV joins splenic v. to form portal v. behind the body.

5. Tail - accompanied by splenic vessels & lymphatics, lies between layers of the splenorenal ligament in the splenic hilum.


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