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1. 2 surfaces - diaphragmatic + visceral, subdivided into anterior, right, superior, posterior.

2. Most main vessels enter and leave from the porta hepatic (posterior surface), veins leave from the posterior surface.

3. Anterior surface - triangular, related to diaphragm, lungs, pleura, costal cartilages.
- Attached is the falciform ligament, down to ligamentum teres inferiorly.
- The upper attachment of the falciform ligament swings to the left as the triangular ligament.
- Its right leaf passes over the dome of the liver, passes anterior to IVC to become the upper + lower layers of the right coronary ligament.

4. Superior and right surfaces - related to diaphragm, pericardium, lungs, pleura.

5. Posterior surface - becomes the visceral surface lower down.
- Features: refer to section on 'LIVER-POSTERIOR SURFACE'.


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3. Image: no reference available.

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