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1. Cardia - junction with the oesophagus, most fixed part of the organ.
2. Fundus - that part which projects above the cardia, in contact with the left dome of diaphragm.
3. Body - extends from the fundus to the incisura angularis.
4. Pyloric part - distal part of the stomach, extends from the incisura angularis to the gastrojejunal junction. Consists of the proximal pyloric antrum + distal pyloric canal.
5. The canal is palpably thickened to form the pyloric sphincter, whose position is indicated on the anterior of the stomach by the prepyloric vein. This is a small vein without an accompanying artery that overlies the pylorus and drains into the right gastric vein or portal vein.
6. Supplied by branches of the coeliac trunk.


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3. Image: no reference available.

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