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1. Globular viscus, divided into a fundus, body, and neck (AKA infundibulum) for storage of bile.
2. It drains bile, via the cystic duct, into the common hepatic duct.
3. Lies in the gallbladder fossa, on visceral surface of right lobe of liver attached by connective tissue and vessels.
4. The undersurface is covered by peritoneum, reflected from the liver.

5. Fundus - directed downward, forward, and to the right, and projects beyond the anterior border of the liver.
6. Body & neck - directed upward and backward to the left.

7. Consists of 4 layers (from external to internal) - serosa, muscularis externa, lamina propria, mucosa (columnar epithelium, arranged as the spiral valve of Heister at the neck).


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