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1. Blood supply - coeliac artery.
2. Supported by dorsal mesentery - mesogastrium.
3. Also possesses a ventral mesogastrium.
4. Derivatives of the foregut - stomach, liver, pancreas, spleen (develops from proliferation of cells in the left leaf of the dorsal mesogastrium, hence not technically a derivative of the foregut).
5. Lymphatic drainage: lymphoid follicles in the mucosa => epi- group of LN in the mysentery (gut margin) => para- group of LN in the mysentery (gut margin + root of artery) => preaortic nodes.
6. The entrance of the bile duct marks the junction b/w the foregut + midgut and is the meeting point of the coeliac + superior mesenteric branches.


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3. Image: no reference available.

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